• Kelp products from pristine ocean waters
  • All-natural products for health and well-being
  • Full of natural goodness
  • sustainable seaweed
    Hand harvested for sustainability
  • Proudly sustainable - over 50 years in business

Sea Health Products is a specialist family operation supplying a range of health products produced from sustainably hand-harvested kelp (seaweed) from the beaches of the far south coast of NSW under licence from the relevant authorities.

Kelp - a sustainable superfood

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Our products are produced from sea kelp (seaweed) hand-harvested, naturally processed and packaged by Sea Health Products from the pristine waters of the far South Coast of NSW, Australia.

As it has been for almost 50 years, Golden Kelp (Ecklonia radiata) is hand selected to provide for a sustainable future.

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Kelp - a natural superfood

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With so many nutritional advantages sea kelp is increasingly being recognised as an important natural food tonic with numerous benefits to health and well-being.

It contains no additives or preservatives, but is full of all the nutritional benefits of sea kelp, including a full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements (including iodine), and high levels of fibre.

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Kelp - a not so new superfood


Betty Long - 'The Kelp Lady' - of Narooma recognised the unique properties and freshness of sea kelp and began Sea Health Products almost 50 years ago. Betty's son Scott and  partner Pip continued the business until 2015.

Local marine biologist Jo Lane purchased the business and continues to produce the same unique products that have been enjoyed and utilised by so many over the years.

Jo is thrilled to be able to continue the legacy of Betty Long.

Our Current Golden Kelp Product Range: